new Elektron-ics on THE PILE

What version are we on now ?

let’s call this V3 !

ESX replaced with

(my birthday present to myself)

 Elektron Analog RYTM, an AMAZING drum machine/groovebox, which has some interesting legs up over the big-tube Korg Electribe ESX (which I love, but outgrew).

V3 - leaving the Tribe

the RYTM allows

  • multiple drum parts to have different lengths/time-signatures for poly-rhythmic NONSENSE
  • copy/clear/paste patterns freely without stopping to save
  • mute of parts carries across patch/pattern changes, making for more fluid build-UPs and break-DOWNs

…this new level of sequencing with “the Elektron way” has a pretty steep learning curve, but it’s very intuitive and highly conducive to strong, uninterrupted flow.

also, it looks fantastic in the dark !

V3 - dark

Makes me think of replacing the Volca’s with some kind of “groove-synth”…which has got me lusting after the Elektron OctaTrack.



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