Here are some links and info on my current/previous projects in music (mostly drumming) or other stage-worthy activities.

In the process of compiling this list, I see a (possibly related) trends of steadily  increasing creative control, and exponentially decreasing number of  live performances.



solo work  (ongoing)

  • usually as under name “less
  • ongoing
  • whatever electronic gear I can get away with, with or without drums.

Though I have stretches of creative inactivity, I have no plans (nor means) of disbanding with myself.


FmReader – 2018 ~ Present

Studio-only (for now) project bringing together Chris from DrawN and Dan from PowerLoader/Wormrider. My main compose-by-recording exercise, based in remote collaboration on cloud-synced DAW sessions

  • acoustic and electronic drums
  • vocals
  • keyboards
  • electronics samples and synthesis
  • rehearsal/demo recording
  • setup/maintenance of cloud-synced tools in Mac/PC resources.
  • training/standardization of DAW practices in Reaper, Logic, and StudioOne
  • principal production, tracking and editing for:



Rad Captive (2017-2018)

started as a math-rock-y mess, devolved into a groovy mix of sludge and punk.

  • drums
  • vocals
  • rehearsal/demo recording


Played two shows. Disbanded amicably after too many cooks wrote (or remembered) too few songs.


DrawN / 2016

Electronically-decorated guitar/piano pop project led by singer/songwriter Chris Panico. Recruited to play drums, I helped accelerate and focus songwriting and arrangement efforts in my burgeoning home studio.

  • drums
  • background vocals
  • demo recording

Played one show.  Disbanded amicably when Nick (synth bass) left abruptly to go studio something.


PowerLoader 2013~2014

A studio-only experiment where the drummer and keyboard player from Wormrider continued making music and trying to write and “sing”.  Noisy pop-industrial proof-of-concept, inspired by Skinny Puppy and Richie Havens.

  • vocals
  • drum machines
  • all tracking and editing for our single release, Salvage

Played no shows. Project collapsed amicably under the weight of inertia and newborn children.



Wormrider 2010~2012

epic, heavy, slow. Doom metal made even heavier with shrill synth and nerdy sci-fi cosmology. Featuring Dan (keys) and Eric (bass, vocals) from Philly prog-rockers Bear Is Driving, and Matt (guitar) from North Carolina hardcore legends Catharsis.

  • drums
  • triggers
  • vocals
  • production

Played a dozen concerts, opening for the likes of Woods of Ypres and White Mice.

Since bassist/vocalist/songwriter Eric Osheim has moved out of Philly, the project on indefinite hiatus, and the worm lies dormant.



music.for.headphones 2005~2009

This Philadelphia psych-rock project was my last work for my (now estranged) step-brother, singer/guitarist/producer Jonathan “Mono” Allen, with whom I’d been in a half-dozen bands with back in Tulsa, OK. Heavy, lush rock influened by My Bloody Valentine and SpaceMan 3.

  • drums
  • triggers
  • vocals
  • production assistance
  • sound design

Played dozens of shows, sharing stage with Peter Kember (Sonic Boom, SpaceMan 3),

After years as the mainstay drummer, I left amicably to finish grad school.